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Voice of Research- An International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal for Change and Development, published quarterly in English to disclose the research abilities and promote quality and excellence in the society calls for unpublished scholarly written research paper, case study, book review or article in the field of social science, humanities and technology.

Guidelines to The Authors

  • Voice of Research is a quarterly published multidisciplinary journal in Social science, Humanities and technology. It is thus published on every 24th of March, June, September and December.
  • Voice of Research welcomes the submissions of manuscripts by the authors throughout the year without any time bound.
  • The manuscript(s) (whether a research paper/ article/ case study/ book review etc.) submitted for the Journal should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.
  • For any manuscript submitted by the authors, Voice of Research does not charge any processing fees. The manuscript is reviewed free of charge without any processing fees from the authors.
  • A declaration should be made by the author in the covering letter that the paper is original and has not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Also the scanned copy of the declaration form uploaded on the website should be duly filled, signed by the author(s), scanned and mailed to the editor along with the manuscript.
  • The cover page should contain the title of the paper, authors name, designation, official address and address for correspondence, contact, phone/fax number and e-mail address.
  • Papers should bear the abstract, introduction, rationale, review, research design, analysis and interpretation, findings and conclusion, and references in APA style.
  • Research papers should be typed in double-space with 11 font size in Garamond with one inch margin on all sides on A4 size paper.
  • Research paper with the abstract containing tables, figures and reference should be restricted to 3000-4000 words.
  • Publication of the manuscript rests with the editorial committee and it depends entirely on its standard and relevance. Authors may also be requested to revise their manuscript before they can be accepted for publication. Correspondence in this regard will be done with the first named author unless otherwise indicated.

Review of the manuscript

  • The manuscript without any plagiarism check will undergo double blind peer review process. The manuscript shall be sent to two referees for review.
  • The review committee in a prescribed format is likely to review the manuscript within 18 days and send their report to the editor. The review committee may recommend the paper for publication, ask for corrections or may reject it. The review committee thus provides its valuable comments and suggests the priority for publication of the manuscript.
  • Based upon the recommendation of the committee, the editorial committee shall take decision about the manuscript and acknowledge to the corresponding author of the manuscript.
  • This whole process is likely to take about 21 days. Based upon the comments and priority for publication of the review committee, and the response from the author and the complete fulfillment of the requisites as suggested by the editors, if any, the manuscript shall be considered for publication. In other case, it may be considered for any of the forthcoming issue subject to the fulfillment of the requisites.
  • Minimum of 21 days time is required for review of the manuscript. Maximum time taken for processing the manuscript is 45 working days. Contributors are free to send the manuscript to any other publication after this period, if they do not receive any intimation from Editor, Voice of Research.


Voice of Research (VoR) aims at the best research resources for significant transformation which requires publication standard and ethics. We ensure that all the publications are peer reviewed and refereed with Standard Review process. The following guidelines may help the authors, peer reviewers and editors to keep a check on conflict of interest, content plagiarism, work integrity, technical areas, adoptions of the existing material, adequacy of context, avoidance of unethical experimentation, authorship disputes etc.

Ethical Guideline for Authors

Authors are advised to follow the defined ethics while writing the manuscript and we expect the authors who submit their manuscripts to Voice of Research (VoR) to agree upon the expected ethical guidelines:

Authors submit their own and original manuscripts.
  • The manuscript submitted should contain original ideas, data and new results which are not submitted for publishing to other publications.
  • All co-authors consent to publication and being named as co-author must be presented through the Copyright Transfer Agreement by the Corresponding author.
  • Authors should clearly declare that the work is not published before and it is not based in substance on any previously published material, either in whole or in part.
  • Information obtained via various media should be provided in the manuscript with the source of information or data which necessitates the author to ensure to cite all relevant references appropriately in suggested APA format.
  • Any information useful to the manuscript which is obtained from conversations, correspondence or discussion should be reported or cited in the reference section. Prior permission must be taken from the party before citing the same.
  • Authors are advised to cross check the reference before submission of manuscript. Authors and co-authors are requested to review and ensure the accuracy and validity of all the results prior to submission.
  • Manuscripts must include all appropriate and necessary instructions and warnings, relating to the specific experiment conducted in the study. It is advisable to provide any safety guidelines or prevalent code of practice as reference in the manuscript.
  • Authors should describe any potential conflict of interest which may arise with respect to the article content. The same can be declared in a cover letter and shall be submitted to the journal.
  • Authors must disclose all the information of all sources of funding for the research conducted in the article if any.
  • All authors are requested to submit the copyright transfer form without failure once they receive the acceptance of their article for publication.
  • When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in their published work, it is the authors obligation to promptly notify the Chief Editor and cooperate to correct the paper.
  • Authorship should be limited to those who have made a significant contribution to the conception, design, execution or interpretation of the study.

Ethical Guideline for Reviewers

All peer reviewers or reviewers must make every required effort to adhere to enlisted ethical guidelines for reviewing articles submitted to Voice of Research:

  • The journal being a peer reviewed and refereed journal, reviewers contributing in the benefit of the research and society are insisted not to disclose their identity.
  • A reviewer may immediately decline to review an article which is allocated to them, if the article is technically unqualified or if the timely review cannot be done by them or if the article has a conflict of interest.
  • All submissions should be treated as confidential, editorial approval might be given for any outside persons advice received.
  • Reviewers must give unbiased consideration to the manuscript solely on the basis of its merits and should acknowledge the Chief Editor about any potential conflict of interest with regards to the content of the research article.
  • Reviewers must maintain confidentiality with reference to the manuscript, its information and correspondence cited in the reference, if any. The manuscript should, in no case be shared with a third party external to the peer review process.
  • Reviewers being the base of the whole quality process should ensure that the articles published should be of high quality and original work.
  • Referees should ensure the comprehensive peer review report with constructive feedback for the author to work on.
  • Reviewer may update the editor if he finds the article submitted to them for review is under consideration in any other publication to their knowledge.
  • With respect to the manuscript, the reviewer needs to check the title of study, name of authors and their institutional affiliation and designation, abstract, structure of report, purpose and objective of study, research design, analysis and interpretation, conclusion, references, tables and figures etc. They need to ensure the references provided to substantiate the content, grammatical and spell correction, plagiarism content as well any conflict of interest.
  • Reviewers are requested to go through the articles submitted to them for review in detail and give the review comments.
  • A reviewer comment decides the acceptance or rejection of an article and they are a major source in a peer review process. We would like to request our reviewers to go through the articles submitted to them for review in detail and give the review comments which will increase the quality of our journals.

Ethical Guideline for Editors

  • Significant ethical guidelines that all journal Editors of Voice of Research must comply with are as follows:
  • Editors are the sole responsible persons for the acceptance or rejection of any manuscript. The manuscript may be accepted or rejected during the review process but the final decision of the publication remains with the concerned editor.
  • Any decision taken or matter of concern about a submitted article should not be revealed to anyone by an editor. If one of the editors wants to publish an article the article should be processed by another editor.
  • Editors must maintain confidentiality with reference to the manuscript, research information and correspondence cited in the reference, if any. The manuscript should, in no case, be shared with a third party, external to the peer review process.
  • Any claim received against the submitted article that the same is being under consideration elsewhere or has already been published, should be called to the journal editor’s attention immediately to investigate further. Editors should strive to stand up to the specified deadlines to ensure submission and publication in a timely manner.
  • Chief Editor is entitled to take action against an individual if they found to be violating the code.
  • Voice of Research (VoR) recommends authors, peer reviewers and editors to comply with the suggested ethical policy. We are committed to upholding ethical standards and publishers integrity towards the journals authors, editors and the members of academic community.

Note of Trust and Cautiousness

  • We firmly believe the researchers, to be cautious enough, to understand the copyrights issue. Considering this, Voice of Research does not perform plagiarism check for the all or any manuscript submitted to it by the authors. In such a situation, any issues arising for plagiarism will be solely the responsibility of the author(s) of the manuscript. Voice of Research or any of its Editors, office bearers and/or members of Voice of Research shall not be responsible or held liable, for any such issue, by any means.
  • The authors submitting the manuscript to Voice of Research are presumed to send the declaration (available on the website in downloads section) form along with their papers. In case they do not send it, it will be understood automatically that the paper is their original work and all or any issues arising due to it would be the liability of the respective or concerned author(s) of the manuscript.
  • The copyrights as suggested in the declaration form is transferred to Voice of Research by the author(s) but in any case if the author wants to use or reuse it, or get a part of it published somewhere else, it is possible; provided, the author(s) place a request for the same to the Editor, Voice of Research. The author(s) are likely to receive the response in 10 working days. On receiving the written reply the author(s) could use, reuse, or get a part of it published as per their request to the Editor, Voice of Research.

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