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Voice of Research

An International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal for Change and Development

ISSN: 2277-7733

Twenty-first century posits a bulk of challenges and changes. To sustain in a dynamic environment, it is necessary to inculcate research attitude and lead the research movement throughout the country. Research is frequently a solution for any menial or magnified problem and is deeply rooted in social science, humanities and technology. Its role cannot be undermined in any way. It is a very natural and a comprehensive key to unlock the way of acquiring knowledge in a real and healthy manner. Research adds to the experience and knowledge of varied practices and environment. To initiate the research movement and nurture the research talent, Voice of Research, a unique international refereed journal is committed to education, training and research and thus committed to enhance quality, change and development in the society. Since its inception, Voice of Research strives to add and impart the research knowledge, to cultivate research talent and contribute to the development of mankind.

Voice of Research- An International Peer Reviewed and Refereed Journal for Change and Development, (ISSN 2277-7733) is a quarterly journal published in English from Ahmedabad, Gujarat with Impact factor 3.522 as evaluated by I2OR. Voice of Research with ICV 6.19, Indexed at Index Copernicus, REPEC, I2OR and evaluated by GIF, I2OR, IIF, EISI commenced its journey to reach all the research oriented friends and the readers with its innovative aspects in course of time. It aims at disclosing the research abilities, the potential of researcher and to promote quality and excellence in the society in addition to the academic development of the professionals. With contributors from across the country and abroad, Voice of Research is privileged to spread the message of 'Change and Development' across the country and abroad. The well acknowledged editorial and advisory committee speaks of strong backbone and its conscious action to deliver the best to the society, state, nation and the world.

Voice of Research is a double blind peer reviewed, multidisciplinary journal in the area of Social Science, Humanities and Technology. The origin of Voice of Research lies in the idea that the teachers and professionals should be well acknowledged with the change and development in all the dimensions of human development, so that they could update the prospects and hence the future generation with the latest developments in all or any faculties in and around the country and globe. Further knowledge exists in the form of preservation, transmission and advancement. To add to this belief, Voice of Research remains an open access journal for the researchers, readers and authors to access the papers as well whole issue on this platform.Voice of Research thus remain free of charge for any access of the published papers and the same holds for the submission and processing of papers by the authors or researchers.

To add to this thought and idea, with the contributors from IIMs, IITs, reputed university Professors and institutions of national importance, 'Voice of Research' has established its credibility with the continuous effort to deliver the qualitative aspect of International repute. To add to the skills of teachers, researchers, professionals and students, Voice of Research offers a common platform to the researchers conducting their research in social science humanities and technology. Whereas the social science and humanities research imparts the experience to cope-up with the challenges, changes, and competitions in society in addition to adding to the vast store house of knowledge and development; the researches in technology re-orients and re-educates by enhancing their capabilities and proves to be a crucial link between theoretical development and practices in the field; encourages enquiries and envisages the readers to widen their horizon of knowledge, experience and charm for research.

Voice of Research adds to the vision, mission, resources, idea, research abilities, technology and the managerial skill necessary for the initiating and sustaining research movement and energises the ambitions, confidence, self-motivation along with a belief and action that connotes that quality and development could be developed through well-conceived and well-directed activities. Voice of Research thus enriches the world by adding the committed researchers. Voice of Research thus imparts the experience to cope-up with the challenges, changes, and competitions in society and deliberates on inculcating values and quality through the message of change and development.